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Helping transform performance

Performance management practices are the software of business, and many organisations use ancient 'code' that predates modern computing and communications technologies and contemporary management theory and practice.

That is why improving these practices and the associated mindset can transform your results in a short period, without the need for significant changes to your organisation's hardware (your product, services and business infrastructure) or people.

To help you make this step change in process and performance we offer :

  • A health check of your current practices, diagnosing problems and suggesting remedial action.
  • Help in designing and implementing new processes or fixing broken ones.
  • Expertise, insight and inspiration.
  • Training and education

In particular, we find that many organizations struggle with unreliable forecasting processes , which makes it difficult for them to make the transition to more dynamic ways of working. As a result, in conjunction with CatchBull Ltd, we have developed unique proprietary expertise in this area.

The deliverable is better processes and knowledge transfer, by partnering and coaching your employees.

The deliverable is better processes and knowledge transfer, by partnering and coaching your employees.


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Our work has a bias to action underpinned by strong theoretical foundations. The guiding principle is the development of your organisation's capacity to respond quickly and adapt effectively to a turbulent and competitive environment.

The key to success is better management of complexity.

Our work might span the full range of performance management issues: Targeting, Incentives, Planning/Forecasting, Resource Allocation, Measurement and Coordination, or could focus on a single area. 

Adaptive management practice is closely related to organisational structure.

By definition, businesses with a devolved structure are capable of acting more quickly and with greater sensitivity to the needs of customer than those that are bureaucratic and centralised. The key is to facilitate devolvement without sacrificing organsational cohesion; the ability to act quickly and consistently.

We offer a practical methodology to design effective decentralisation.

We employ a mix of expertise and practical experience backed up by a range of tools and techniques, particularly in the area of forecasting, some of which have been developed into a commerical osftware product sold by CatchBull Limited.

Click here to find out more about CatchBull and how they can help you radically improve the quality of your forecasts, reducing costs by up to 2% of revenue in the process


My Philosophy

Process is important but people are the key to any change of this kind.

We believe that most people in most organisations are competent, trustworthy and want to do a good job. They are however, often overwhelmed by change and complexity and frustrated by their inability to deal with the inadequacies of the processes they work with. 

As a result people have too little time to think things through for themselves and no knowledge of where to go for help.

Our goal is to help people help themselves


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