Hi, I’m Steve Morlidge and welcome to my website.

From a very young age I have been obsessed with trying to understand how the world works, and how to make it work better. When other kids read adventure stories, I read encyclopaedias. 

Fast forward a few decades and after over 20 years working in senior finance roles in business, spending a lot of time doing things that felt wrong, I couldn’t stand it any more. So I left and started a quest to make better sense of the world I had experienced in work – partly for my personal fulfilment but also to seek to make a bigger contribution that I had managed to make in regular paid employment.

These are exciting times and my journey of discovery over the last fifteen years has been more challenging and more fun than I could have wished for…but I need to do more to share what I have learned and to make a bigger impact.

So, please explore my site and contact me if you think I can help you achieve your goals, or are just keen to learn.

Forest Trees


People often ask me why I call my business Satori Partners.
Satori describes what I do.

In Zen Buddhism it is the moment of enlightenment that comes from suddenly seeing things in a new way. It is knowledge of the true essence of the world.
Partners describes how I do it.

After a full life in a large organisation I fiercely value my independence. But knowledge is of no value until it is applied, and that means I have to work with and through other people in recognition of their needs. In partnership. 

My Bio

I worked as a Finance professional in Unilever until 2006 in a variety of operational roles and latterly as a founder member of Unilever’s Finance Academy and leader of a global change initiative modelled on Beyond Budgeting principles.


Subsequently I completed a Doctorate in the application of systems science to financial management at Hull University while writing my first book, ‘Future Ready: How to Master Business Forecasting’ which was published in 2010. At around the same time I co-founded CatchBull Ltd to develop and market software to help measure and improve the quality of Operational Forecasting, based on original research.


In 2017 I published ‘The Little Book of Beyond Budgeting: A New Operating System for Organisations’ and 'The Little Book of Operational Forecasting' in 2018 and ‘Present Sense: The Art and Science of Performance Reporting’ in 2020. This year I have released "Zen and the Art of Organising Work' and I am currently working on two books, one on cost management in the 'Little Books' series and another which is an implementation guide for Byond Budgeting.

As well as being the Development Director for CatchBull I currently a member of the Beyond Budgeting Institute’s core team and I am on the advisory board of Foresight – the International Institute of Forecasting’s practitioners journal, to which I often contribute. I am also a visiting fellow at the Centre for Performance Management at Cranfield University. 


I also have extensive experience of speaking at business conferences across the world, run training workshops based on my work and act as an advisor to practitioners.